Monthly Archives: June 2022

The Waiting


We took one of our dogs to the vet yesterday and got some news we weren’t expecting. Sad news. Now we are just stuck in limbo, waiting on test results to see what the next steps are.

It’s hard, the waiting.

Isn’t that true of life in general? Waiting is hard. It’s in the waiting that we can sometimes feel that things are so desperate that they can’t possibly work out. Sometimes we even feel forgotten by God.

But the truth is, it’s in the waiting that God is doing His work on us. That’s when He is growing us, stretching us, molding us. That’s when we can begin to truly, deeply know Him in a way we never could without the waiting.

Without the waiting we probably wouldn’t slow down enough or have enough need to get to know Him on the level that I’m talking about. It’s a ‘my-life-depends-on-you-I-have-nothing-left’ kind of dependence. It’s a ‘you-are-my-only-hope’ kind of relationship.

And it’s beautiful and magnificent to know Him like this because He never disappoints. He always shows up with the peace and comfort that is needed. Even if we don’t get the answers we hope for, there is peace that only God can bring.

But sometimes it takes time to build that trust in Him, so the waiting may be necessary.

When we are in a season of waiting, it’s a time for us to dig in and do some work with God. It’s not meant to be an idle time to squander.

The next time you find yourself in the waiting, invite God to wait with you. You never know, it could turn out to be the ride of your life!

A Mother’s Heart


Yesterday my kids hurt my feelings. This morning I was still having a bit of trouble getting over it. But then something happened and in an instant my mother’s heart turned from being hurt for myself to being hurt for my son. Now my own hurt seems so insignificant.

If you know Aero you know he is unique. He’s very special in many ways. Unfortunately, not many people have the privilege of knowing him the way I do. Admittedly, he’s hard to get to know. But he’s worth the effort.

It breaks my heart to see him spend every day of the summer by himself because he has no friends to hang out with. It breaks my heart to see him attend youth group events only to have no one talk to him (or at least that’s how he reports it). It breaks my heart to see him try to make plans every now and then only to have them fall through over and over again.

Most of the time it doesn’t seem to bother him but every now and then he comments about his lack of friends. He comments about how he knows people don’t like him. He stays in his room and cries. And this breaks my heart. And I don’t know how to help him.

He has such a good heart. If only more people knew. Autism is hard to live with.

Thanks for reading.