The Phone Call


Last week I received a phone call that would possibly change our lives, at least for a little while.

There had been an incident and I was needed in an emergency meeting as soon as possible.

Mistakes had been made. Words had been spoken that couldn’t be taken back. They were out there, hanging in air, threatening to suffocate us.

And now we had to deal with them. Now we have to deal with them.

Confused, shocked, and scared, we went home, not knowing what to expect next.

I began making phone calls, sending texts and reaching out for help. And do you know what happened? God provided help and support for us. People stepped up and stepped in for us. Friends checked on us and prayed for us and let us know we are loved and not alone in this.

In the midst of what could turn out to be a nightmare of a situation with dire consequences, we are loved. We are surrounded with good people who will hold us up and remind us whose we are. We will not be forgotten because we belong to Jesus.

This is a very scary time of unknowns for our family, but the truth of God’s faithfulness remains. I will cling to that as we move forward. In the midst of uncertainty, it’s all I can do.

As the next days and weeks unfold, I ask that you pray for our family. Pray for peace. Pray for grace and mercy. Pray for God’s shield of protection to be over us. Pray for guidance and for lessons to be learned. But also, pray these things for the other families involved, as well. Pray for forgiveness.

Thank you, friends, for loving our family. We love you.

About Beautifully Polarized

Life is ever changing. God is working in me more everyday. He has blessed me with a husband who is my best friend in every aspect of life, and three children who teach me about life and love everyday. He has blessed me further with friends who help me get through the rough days, and laugh with me on the good days. And, I believe He gave me the best mom a girl could ask for. He has also given me trials so that I can grow into the person He intended me to be. Walking with Him makes life in this world bearable.

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