Light in the Darkness


It’s hard for me to write this. It’s hard for me to let you in and share with you how I really feel. But I get so tired of hiding. I get weary from pretending to be something that I’m not. Well, I guess that’s not entirely accurate. I’m not exactly fake. I’m actually genuine to a certain degree. By that, what I mean is that when I talk to you, I’m genuinely interested in talking with you. I’m happy to hear what you have to say. I’m concerned by what concerns you and overjoyed by what brings you joy. That’s real. I’m not faking those things. But that’s probably where the genuineness ends and the facade begins.

If you ask about me, I will probably tell you that all is well. I will give you a quick rundown of what’s happening in our lives. I may even let it slip that I’m tired or stressed, but that will be about the extent of it. I won’t let on that I spend a lot of time feeling sad and lonely. And I certainly won’t let you into my twisty world of darkness, which is where I feel most comfortable. It would make things awkward, wouldn’t it? You would be uncomfortable if I told you about it.

It’s just not acceptable.

Especially in the Christian world. Whoa! We are basically taught that we are supposed to be joyous because Jesus has given us the greatest gift we could ever imagine. We are supposed to live our lives seeing the bright side of things, being positive, being thankful…you get the idea. And if we don’t? Well, something must be wrong with us. Something is amiss, for sure.

Don’t misunderstand. I love Jesus with all my heart and soul. He is my best friend. I am in awe of Him. Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings about what He’s done for me in my life already. My life would be meaningless without Him. There are many, many days when I am so overwhelmed by Him that I literally weep. I just can’t contain the emotion I feel for Him. I think you get the idea. I love Jesus with everything I have.

And, I put a lot of energy into practicing thankfulness and concentrating on positive things. I make a concerted effort to focus on joy. I redirect my thinking on a regular basis so that I don’t go down a negative path. But these things don’t come easily to me. I just don’t naturally feel thankful or positive or happy. I don’t ooze joy. I’m not perky. I’m not a ray of sunshine.

And I have felt guilty about this for years.

I have berated myself for years about the fact that I don’t find joy easily and that I have to work at being thankful. I’ve wondered what was wrong with me. I’ve questioned what I’m doing wrong. I really do have such a close relationship with Jesus, so why haven’t these things started to come more naturally to me? I have the Holy Spirit in me. Shouldn’t He be guiding me in these things?

These are all questions I have wrestled with for so long.

But maybe that’s just not who I am. Maybe it’s ok that I’m not a ray of sunshine. Maybe that’s just not who God made me to be. Maybe He needs me to be another kind of person in order to accomplish His will for my life. I don’t know, but it feels like such a heavy burden has been lifted off my shoulders just to consider that maybe I don’t have to conform to the Miss Positivity role.

Maybe it’s enough that I try. Maybe it’s enough that I have the knowledge, even if I don’t have the feelings. Maybe. Come as you are, right?

Come as you are. Interesting concept. Do we practice this, though? Do we really? Can we truly be open to accepting people as they are? Or do we want them to conform to what we think Christians should be like?

Be honest.

Because I am a faithful Christian and I know Jesus, but my mind can be very dark. And I would venture to guess that if I shared with you some of the things that I think about, you would run as fast as you could in the opposite direction from me. If I let you into my deepest, darkest thoughts and feelings, you would think I was weird. You would think there was something wrong with me. You might try to get me some help. Or, you would just stay away.

Maybe I’m just scared. Maybe I’m not giving you enough credit. Or maybe I’m speaking from experience. Yeah, that’s probably it. Either way, I keep it to myself. My out of the box, unacceptable thoughts and feelings. It’s sad, though, because what I want in this life is to be understood. I want kinship with someone who wants to hear what I have to say. Someone who genuinely cares and even understands the darkness that invades my mind.

The thing about the darkness is that it isn’t necessarily sadness. Sometimes it is, but many times it’s full of creativity and emotion that is begging to be shared. But the fear of rejection creeps in so I don’t share. Every once in a while I will, but then I may regret it and feel foolish for having done so. It’s a whole up and down cycle. But it’s in the darkness when I do my best writing. That’s when I can depict what life with mental illness is really like. And to be honest, I think that’s the purpose God has given me. So maybe I should just be brave and share in spite of the unacceptable nature. Maybe I should just embrace being weird. Maybe I won’t be accepted by many, but neither was Jesus, so what’s there to fear?

Jesus is the light in the darkness. He has pulled me out of the darkness many times, but He allows me to go back there just often enough so I can tell you about it. So maybe I should.

About Beautifully Polarized

Life is ever changing. God is working in me more everyday. He has blessed me with a husband who is my best friend in every aspect of life, and three children who teach me about life and love everyday. He has blessed me further with friends who help me get through the rough days, and laugh with me on the good days. And, I believe He gave me the best mom a girl could ask for. He has also given me trials so that I can grow into the person He intended me to be. Walking with Him makes life in this world bearable.

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