Monthly Archives: November 2016

Mountain Tops


I don’t want to be ordinary.  I want to live in the mountain tops.  You know, those experiences that are once or twice in a lifetime that make you feel alive in ways you usually don’t?  Ah, those moments are treasures!

But why can’t we have those experiences everyday?

I think we can.  Not everyday will be a Mt. Everest day, but they can be a Pike’s Peak day, or even a Sandia Peak day.  Go with me on this for a moment.

Crossing the finish line after a grueling 26.2 miles.  Mt. Everest.  Standing on a stage leading thousands of teens in worship and seeing them pour their hearts out to God with all they’ve got.  Mt. Everest.  Getting married.  Having children.  Building your dream home.  Mt. Everest.

Rushing to Walmart on Christmas Eve to buy presents for a family who will otherwise go without.  Pike’s Peak.  Feeding the homeless.  Pike’s Peak.  Seeing your favorite band in concert.  Pike’s Peak.  Vacation.  Reuniting with old friends.  Pike’s Peak.

Taking a meal to a friend.  Sandia Peak.  Laughing until your belly hurts.  Sandia Peak.  Enjoying your favorite dessert.  Sandia Peak.  Rescuing an animal.  Stocking someone’s pantry.  Surprising someone with flowers.  Receiving a compliment.  Sandia Peak.

Do you see?  Everyday can contain a mountain top moment.  We just have to be intentional about making it happen and acknowledging it when it does.  Without these special moments in our lives we are simply ordinary.  I’ll say it again – I don’t want to be ordinary.  I want excitement and joy and passion in my everyday.  I want to love and serve others everyday.  I want to make everyday a mountain top day.

What are your mountain top moments?  What can you do to make everyday a mountain top day?



I’m a speeder.  I like to speed.  Slow drivers make me crazy.  And I hate it when cars pass me on the road.  I like to be the fastest.

So as I’m driving down the interstate cruising at 90-95 MPH, I’m feeling pretty good.  Imagine how I fought it when I suddenly felt convicted about driving too fast.  I tried and tried to ignore this nagging, but I knew what it was…and I knew I couldn’t ignore it.

It was the Holy Spirit.

Just yesterday, I had a moment with God when I asked Him what else He wanted me to surrender to Him.  I asked Him to show me what He wanted from me.  I told Him that I would do whatever He asked.

And I meant it.

So today when I knew He was asking me to slow down, I knew I had to.  And He didn’t want me to slow down just a little bit.  He wanted me to do the speed limit.


I had to have been the slowest driver on the road.  It was killing me.  But I knew I was being obedient, so it was ok.

As I was taking my leisurely stroll down the highway (being passed by everyone), the Spirit began to speak to me even more.  He showed me that, though I was moving at a slower pace, I would still get to my destination.  Though others were going faster than I, I would still get where I was going.

And so it is with other circumstances in my life.  God was showing me that just because things seem to be moving slower than I would like, it doesn’t mean that I will not reach my goals.  He showed me that He will provide for me everything He has for me, even if it takes a lot longer than I want.  It doesn’t matter that others’ paces seem to be faster than mine.  It doesn’t matter that others get opportunities that I wish were mine.  Their victory does not equal my defeat.  My slower pace will still get me to the place I am supposed to be.  My time will come.

I love that God speaks to me in unexpected ways at unexpected times.  Driving the speed limit is tough for me, but that small step of obedience taught me a great lesson.