In spite of my dislike for public speaking, I volunteered to speak to our youth group a few days ago about what worship means to me.  Since I communicate better in writing (and because speaking in public is terrifying!), I wrote what I wanted to say, and then read it to them.  Here’s what I shared with the teens:

Think about how you feel when you have a new boyfriend/girlfriend, or even when you just have a crush on someone.  You want to spend all your time with that person.  You think about them all the time.  You’re happy when you’ve spent time with them.

That’s how I feel about spending time with God.  I have this unquenchable desire to be with Him everyday.  It brings me joy and peace to spend time with Him.  You all know that I love to sing, so you might also guess that music speaks to me more than any other form of worship.  My favorite way to be with God is singing to Him.

Something you probably don’t know about me is that I am very shy and extremely self-conscious.  For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with self-doubt.  Through the years, though, as I have become more and more involved with worship ministry, God has been teaching me to let go of my doubts and trust Him to provide the talent and ability that I need to serve Him in this ministry.

As I’ve learned to let go and trust God, worship has become a time when I can escape all the stress of life and focus all my energy on God.  When I’m singing praises to Him, I am able to completely let go of my fears, and let Him work in me.

So not only is worship precious time spent with my savior, but it is through worship that god has taught me to let go of fear, and live in faith.

That’s where my message to the teens stopped, but last night I thought of something else that I wish I had said to them.

We all sin.  We are all flawed.  We all struggle with things.  We all have fears.  It is very easy to allow these things to get in the way of allowing ourselves to draw close to God.  But here’s the thing, God knows every detail about us.  He knows our every thought.  He knows our flaws.  He knows how we struggle.  We can’t hide anything from Him.  In spite of all our imperfections, He loves us, and desires a relationship with us.

The beauty of this is that we don’t need to hide from God!  We don’t need to be afraid to approach His throne.  He is waiting for us to do so.  All we need to do is put aside our fears, and let Him in.  He is ready to receive us.  We just have to let Him.

About Beautifully Polarized

Life is ever changing. God is working in me more everyday. He has blessed me with a husband who is my best friend in every aspect of life, and three children who teach me about life and love everyday. He has blessed me further with friends who help me get through the rough days, and laugh with me on the good days. And, I believe He gave me the best mom a girl could ask for. He has also given me trials so that I can grow into the person He intended me to be. Walking with Him makes life in this world bearable.

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