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Where do we draw the line?


Believe it or not, I actually am very choosy about what which issues I choose to publicly address.  I do have opinions about things, but much of the time I feel that it simply isn’t worth speaking my mind and possibly inciting a virtual riot.  This time, though, I cannot keep silent.

I am NOT pro choice.  This really has little to do with this post, but I just wanted to throw that out there in case anyone was wondering.

In the last two days I have seen and heard some very disturbing things.

1.  When a baby is born ALIVE in a botched abortion, it is up to the care provider and the mother how the infant is treated.  Do they try to save it, or do they continue with their measures to end its life?  WHAT?  This is outrageous!  Whether you believe it’s human life prior to birth or not, you cannot argue that if the baby is born alive it is not a living human being.  It’s fact.  It’s science.  It’s a human person.  So have we really come so far with this issue that we are willing to kill the child, even if it’s born alive?

2.  The morning after pill is now available for anyone to purchase over the counter.  It used to be that anyone under 16 was required to get a prescription for these pills, but not anymore.

Here is my issue (ok, just one of my issues) with these things:  No one has to be responsible anymore.  I’m not terribly concerned with the decision grown adults make, so I’ll focus on the younger generation.  Young teens (let’s be honest, they’re children) have very little reason to abstain.  STD?  Don’t worry, there is medicine for that.  Pregnancy?  Don’t worry, you can just get a pill at Walgreens to take care of that.  Waited too long?  Don’t worry, you can just get an abortion.  Baby was born alive?  Don’t worry, the doctor can still get rid of it.

What are we teaching our youth?  NOTHING!  We are teaching them nothing!  We are allowing them to raise themselves.  We are allowing them to escape any and all repercussions for their actions.  We are allowing them to be morally void.

I realize that these are things that need to be taught in the home.  I’m not at all suggesting that I don’t want to do my job as a parent.  The problem is that many teens go through a rebellious stage in which they do the exact opposite of what their parents want them to do at every opportunity.  And even if a teen is not rebellious, he or she is likely easily persuaded to do things (s)he knows are not right.  So it makes me a little uneasy knowing that there are so many things readily available for my children to take matters into their own hands if they find themselves in trouble.  I can’t raise my kids in a bubble.  I can only teach them at home what I feel is right, and pray that it sticks with them when they are faced with tough decisions.

Where do we draw the line?  We obviously are not above ending a newborn’s life.  We obviously are not above providing children with the means to ensure a pregnancy doesn’t occur.  Children don’t have any business having sex!  Period.

Here’s an idea: when you make mistakes, take responsibility for them, rather than just making them go away.  Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned from bucking up and dealing with the consequences of our actions.

If you happen to be pro choice and you have read this, please do not comment and give me all kinds of circumstances where abortion would be a good option.  You won’t convince me.  The purpose of this post is not to debate pro life or pro choice, but to ask how far can this go, and at what point will we start teaching our children responsibility for their actions?