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Be extraordinary!


As is usually the case when I sit down to blog, my head is spinning with a million thoughts, and I struggle with how to organize them so that they make sense. Bear with me on this one, it may be long!

My family is the most important thing to me on this Earth.  I have spent the last 13 years devoting my life to taking care of them.  There have most assuredly been rough days, but I wouldn’t trade the last 13 years at home with my kids for anything.  Now that time is quickly approaching for my youngest child to go to school full time, I’m faced with the dilemma of what to do next.  I certainly am not going to spend my days cleaning, cooking, gardening, or shopping.  All of those things are great, but they aren’t for me.

There is something inside me that desires to do something great with my life.  However, I’m not willing to give up before and after school time with my kids.  They are still young, and they still need me at home with them.  I want to be available for field trips, or to be home when they are sick.  It’s a luxury with which I’ve been blessed, and I intend to savor that luxury.

So, I have found the answer.  Go into business for myself with AdvoCare.  Please keep reading, don’t write me off as that ‘crazy Advocare lady’ just yet.  Hear me out.

Another important aspect of my life (at least my adult life) has been fitness.  I seem to always be on a quest to become stronger, faster, leaner, better.  I push myself to accomplish things that I never thought possible.  So, I started using AdvoCare to help me reach my goals.  And I am loving the products!  I’m not a supplement taker.  I’m not a ‘drink your meals’ person.  I’m not a ‘carb-free’ girl. I hate swallowing pills.   If you also have any of those excuses, don’t let them stop you from discovering how AdvoCare can help you.  I got past my excuses and found products that really help!  Notice I said the products ‘help.’  I didn’t say they are miracle pills that will melt the pounds away and give you muscles while you sit on the couch and eat potato chips.  You have to help yourself in the process.  I don’t believe in easy solutions.  You have to be active and make good choices about what you put into your body.  But for some, even that doesn’t seem to be enough.  So, AdvoCare steps in to help.  And guess what?  It does help!  I’m seeing better results with AdvoCare than I have with any other program I have tried.  And the best part is that I feel great!  Even if I never lose another pound, I will still believe in the products.  I’m not tired and sluggish all the time.  I finally feel good.  I feel alive!

Not only did I find products that I love, but I found an opportunity that can change my life.  I know what you are thinking, ‘here comes another ‘get rich quick’ scam.’  Nope.  Being successful with AdvoCare will require a lot of work.  It will require a little bit of an investment up front.  However, I’ve seen the success stories.  I’ve listened to couples cry as they remember when they were on WIC, or when they never saw their kids because they were always working.  I’ve heard them tell how AdvoCare changed their lives and gave them freedom.  And I think, ‘that can be me.’  Yep, it certainly can.

For the last fifteen years, we have been a military family.  We have spent more time away from each other, from family, from friends than we care to recount.  Moments have been stolen from us – moments we cannot get back.  In five years, my husband has the opportunity to retire from the military.  In years past, he thought he wanted to jump right into another career.  He wanted to fly for the airlines.  Now?  Well, now he realizes that he doesn’t desire to be away from his family anymore.  He doesn’t have the drive to continue to strive for corporate success in the traditional sense.  He wants a simpler life.  He wants to spend his time doing things he really enjoys.  He wants to do things because he WANTS to, and not because he HAS to in order to pay the bills and put kids through college.  So why not strive for that?  Why not work toward something that can offer us that freedom?  Why not?

I’m not a salesperson.  I don’t push things on people.  I couldn’t possibly feel good about selling something a handbag, or makeup, or cookware.  Those things are great.  I love purses, makeup and kitchen gadgets.  I love them, but those things don’t change lives.   I’m not going to be fulfilled by selling those products to people.  However, I feel great about offering people an opportunity to change their lives.  I can’t wait to help people get on a path to being healthy and fit, or to helping people find financial success and freedom.  That’s what its about, helping others to be extraordinary.  The benefits will come for me and my family, but that’s not the bottom line.  The bottom line is that I want to commit to helping others.  Isn’t that what Jesus did?  He came to Earth and helped those who needed it.  That’s what I want to do, and I have found an avenue to do it.  AdvoCare is the answer for me, and I believe it’s the answer for many of you, too.

Do you need more energy?  AdvoCare can help.

Do you need to get healthy?  Lose weight?  AdvoCare can help.

Are you a serious athlete who needs something to boost you to the next level?  AdvoCare can help.

Do you just need quality vitamins?  AdvoCare can help.

Are you a Baby Boomer?  AdvoCare has an entire line of products designed for your age group to help as you age.

I doubt there is a single person who couldn’t benefit from at least one AdvoCare product.  But there are more questions to ask.

Do you need to make some extra money?  AdvoCare can help.

Do you work so much that you never see your family?  AdvoCare can help.

Do you want to help others change their lives?  AdvoCare can help.

Do you think outside the box?  AdvoCare is for you!

One of the speakers at Success School this past weekend was Andy Andrews (NY Times Best-Selling author).  Something he said really stuck with me.  I’ll paraphrase:

If you are thinking like everyone else is thinking, you are contributing to the average.  EVERYONE is not living an extraordinary life. – Andy Andrews

BE EXTRAORDINARY!  Don’t be bound by what is normal.  Go out on a limb. Believe in yourself.  Believe in the greatness you can achieve.  It’s a scary process, but anything worth doing is going to be difficult at times.

I feel so passionately about this.  If you need a change in your life, please contact me.  I can’t wait to start helping change lives!